NTA is a division of Technical Air Products.

NTA furnishings are designed for the new millennium and are used in the newest world class submicron Cleanrooms and Gowning Rooms. These furnishings, using only the finest materials, are used in semiconductor, medical, biotech, pharmaceutical, aerospace, and precision molding industries.

Units are available with ROD, SOLID, or PERFORATED tops, with rod tops providing the ultimate airflow capability.
ROD: Considered by many submicron facilities to be the standard in the industry. They are designed for those applications where optimum air flow through the table must be maintained. Tables have rods on 1-inch centers, and shelves have rods on 2-inch centers, but the spacing can be varied to meet specific requirements.
PERFORATED: Ideal for open-plan, full laminar flow ceiling cleanrooms. Choose from our standard design using 0.75-inch diameter holes which provide a 40% open tabletop, or a 0.25-inch diameter hole patterns to give a 15% open top.
SOLID: Made from stainless steel to provide the cleanest possible surface for critical clean room processes.

NTA products are available in a two finishes:

ULTRACLN: Constructed of precision type 304 series electropolished stainless steel in order to ensure your cleanroom has no material that can generate particles. The impeccably smooth, clean, super-passivated finish is an essential requirement for today’s submicron cleanrooms.

VALUCLN: Constructed of precision type 304 anodized stainless steel with a #4 brushed finish, usable in Class 100 to Class 100 Cleanrooms.

Tables, shelves, computer tables, dispense racks, benches and garment racks are available in “knockdown” configurations. This allows the units to be boxed and shipped via common carrier, which can significantly reduce the cost of ownership.