Wafer Transfer

  • Designed to accommodate up to eight 8” wafer cassettes per shelf, giving the dual shelf models the ability to hold up to 16 cassettes in total.
  • ULTRACLN wafer transfer carts are the most universal of the carts.
  • Carts utilize a heavily weighted base and shock absorbing casters to effectively reduce vibration to the wafer cassettes.
  • These carts are the safest and most vibration free wafer transfer cart available from NTA.
  • Feature double chrome plated steel casters with neoprene wheels.


  • Carts are available in Rod, Solid, or Perforated Shelf versions.
  • Available shelving includes flat, sloped, standard, and inverted w/2” lip.
  • Wafer transfer cart is similar in construction to the standard cart.
  • Customized versions are available, including the rounded steering wheel version that leads to improved balance.
  • These carts provide a smooth, super clean transport unit for use throughout your clean facility.



Utility Carts



Nitrogen Purge Cabinets

These NTA Cabinets are constructed as a single unit with 3 individual compartments, each with its own door or as 3 individual units. The cabinets are mounted on double chrome plated steel casters with neoprene wheels to ease in relocation. Each door has a battery operated temperature and humidity indicator. Input flow meters are included with each unit.


Person Guided Vehicle

Model 75251
Non-Docking Dual FOUP

  • Transports any 300mm FOUP through your FAB Area.
  • Equipped with 4 axis-lifting arm.
    Capable of loading or unloading any 300mm FOUP with ease.
  • No docking is required with this vehicle; it only needs to be in the vicinity of the tool for loading operations.
  • Designed to carry two FOUPs, on two shock isolated landing pads.
  • All stainless steel items are electropolished for ease of cleaning.



Model 75351
Docking Single FOUP

  • Smallest footprint possible.
    Simple mechanism.
  • Docks to semi standard dock plate.
    Designed to carry a single FOUP on an isolated landing pad.
  • All stainless steel items are electropolished for ease of cleaning.
  • The unit's stainless steel fabricated parts are covered under NTA's Lifetime Warranty and purchased parts carry the suppliers' warranty, which is usually 12 months.