Ergonomic solutions for the cleanroom of the future. NTA announces the NEW generation of furnishings—PWRCLN tables with an automated lifter that can increase a table height 15” with the push of a button. Optimize your computer or workstation for each operator, as often per shift as necessary.

PWRCLN Standard Tables

  • Standard widths from 36” to 72”.
  • Standard depths from 24” to 36”.
  • Standard height is 30” adjustable to 45”.
  • Load capacity is 900#



PWRCLN Computer Tables

  • PWRCLN is the ergonomically correct solution for today’s table needs.
  • PWRCLN tables allow maximum use of each station in today’s fab or lab.
The PWRCLN adjustable leg is a gray epoxy powder coated assembly that has been tested and approved for Class 1 Cleanroom environment during non-operation and Class 10 when in operation. An optional time delay connects a hose to the table and opens a vacuum while operating.