ULTRACLN Bootee Rack
  • Provides efficient bootee storage capabilities suitable for Class 1 Change Rooms and Cleanrooms.
  • Standard configuration is 48”x12”x72”, but can be tailored to meet your engineered needs.

ULTRACLN Series 1500 Shelf Units

  • The Series 1500 Shelf Units are designed for use on NTA tables, providing an opportunity to increase shelf space on our ULTRACLN Tables.
  • They can be added before or after initial cleanroom installation to allow for maximum flexibility.
  • These shelf units are available with Rod, Solid, or Perforated tops.
  • Shelf units are supplied with mounting hardware and are available in a standard knockdown configuration.
  • Shelving is available in custom designs to meet your unique requirements.

Racks & Cabinets

Series 4500 & 4600

  • Available with Rod, Solid, or Perforated Shelves
  • The ultimate in Cleanroom storage.
  • Sized to meet your unique storage needs and are fully submicron cleanroom compatible for all types of super clean environments.
  • All Racks and Cabinets come with shelves 12 inches off the floor and then on 12 inch centers.
  • Top of the unit is open in the standard configuration, but may be enclosed for a customer requirement.
  • Units have up to 5 shelves of storage available.
  • Storage Cabinets are Racks with cover panels and doors permanently bonded to the Rack frame to minimize bulk.



Series 4700, 4800, 4900

  • These Class 1 or better Cleanroom storage racks are perfect for storing calibration instrument, process tooling, laboratory containers or clean garments.
  • Available with Rod, Solid, or Perforated shelves, they are a perfect compliment to ULTRACLN tables.
  • We will gladly custom design any storage rack for your cleanroom needs.


ULTRACLN Garment Rack

  • Available as a standard or heavy duty model.
  • Available in wall mount.
  • Single or dual hanger configurations.
  • Secured or detachable
  • Available with a 3 inch neck on 3 inch centers.
  • Garment Racks and Hanger Mounts are also available in custom designs and configurations to fit unique change room requirements.

ULTRACLN Dispenser Racks

  • Provide efficient storage capabilities of gloves, hairnets, bootees, wipes, or reticle boxes suitable for Change Rooms and Cleanrooms.
  • Open, flow through design of the separated storage sections provides particle-free storage by eliminating particle buildup produced in conventional solid container storage.
  • Dispense Racks are available in various size storage sections with solid dividers between each section.